Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An unusual black-news edition

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Why isn't black accomplishment front page news in The Record?

The front page of The Record hasn't carried this much news about African-Americans since Black History Month.

Are the two stories and a huge photograph in the Woodland Park daily today about black accomplishment? Not in a newsroom run by Editor Francis Scandale, who short-circuits the careers of minorities.

Blacks and horses

All three people have, in a sense, gone wrong: A Jamaican-American man is released from the hospital and disappears. An athlete struggles back from paralysis. The head of the Bergen County NAACP is accused of wrongdoing.

Scandale thinks so much of these people that the fourth major story on A-1 is about animals by that horse's ass, Staff Writer John Brennan, a befuddled reporter whose prose belongs on a back page, not a black page. 

Size matters

There is one good thing to report: Recent tweets by Food Editor Susan Leigh Sherrill and Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung about a "chocolate salami" aren't veiled references to black men's sexual endowment.

Susan Sherrill
Chocolate salami: sounds gross; tastes delicious. Made it this weekend with candied ginger + almonds added. Here's how:
Elisa Ung
by susanlsherrill
Chocolate salami. Fascinating.
Page A-2 carries an embarrassing correction from Road Warrior Columnist John Cichowski, whose many errors would fill a page, and a second correction on a Page 1 story April 17.

Chasing her tail

The big news rustled up by head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes for the front of her Local section includes a car chase. Wowee. 

Another story about historical sites dominates L-1 today. When is Sykes going to be history?

Unkindest cut

In Better Living, Jersey Scene Columnist Bill Ervolino's punch line was inadvertently cut from the end of his story (F-3) -- in another example of the careful production work by Barbara Jaeger's features department.

The prudish, not-so-funny man insisted on keeping his pants on when he was photographed in a kilt.

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