Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scandale barks: Find me a serial killer

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You can save at least 10 cents a gallon by using a cash rebate card to buy gas.

Desperate for North Jersey news, Editor Francis Scandale ordered his wire editor to find him a serial killer he could use as filler at the bottom of Page 1 today -- just below the main element, a riveting piece on blood infections.

And he wasn't referring to all the bodies buried near the Woodland Park newsroom or the old one on River Street.

More cop news

The lead story on A-1 today is the indictment of three, $33,000-a-year probationary police officers in Hackensack, where Staff Writer Monsy Alvarado is doing her best to ignore drastic cuts in the public schools. 

An editorial on unequal pay for women (A-10) is careful to avoid any mention of North Jersey Media Group's own shameful policy in this regard. 

World court

Brushing off criticism for all the stories he misses at the Bergen County Courthouse, Staff Writer Kibret Marko spins a long tale on L-3 about a lawsuit over an automobile accident in South Africa.

On the first Business page, Your Money's Worth Columnist Kevin DeMarrais reports another story on rising gasoline prices, but says nothing about credit cards that offer 3% to 5% rebates -- or about 10 cents to 16 cents off each gallon of regular (L-7).

Nor does he list local stations that charge the same for cash or credit, such as a Shell station on Cedar Lane in Teaneck.

What's for dinner?

Look quickly at the syndicated 15-Minute Chef recipe photo on F-2 of Better Living today and tell me if it doesn't look about as appetizing as a large, fresh elephant turd.
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