Saturday, April 2, 2011

Christie is The Record's sacred cow

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The Record today has a long, gripping tale on legal fees from a lawsuit against The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Staff Writer Jeff Pillets is one of The Record's best reporters, so you have to wonder why he and his many bosses aren't looking into Governor Christie -- a former federal prosecutor -- failing to "reform" the outrageous pay and benefits of hundreds of police chiefs in the state (A-1).

In decades of reporting on air traffic over North Jersey, today's story on A-3 is the first time I have seen anyone quoted as saying the noise holds the "potential for a decrease in home values." Something to think about the next time you challenge your assessment.

Stupid headline 

Ten letters to the editor support, even cheer the placement of solar panels on utility poles (A-11), despite a March 27 story on the Local front that carried the idiotic headline, "Clean energy's ugly side."

You have to pity the 113 plaintiffs who have been barred from the latest lawsuit against DuPont in Pompton Lakes  -- a decades-long fiasco of corporate and government inaction.
But the story on L-1 today fails to explore whether they got bad legal advice or were lulled into a false sense of security by the polluter's assurances on remediation of cancer-causing solvents in contaminated groundwater. 

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Reporter Kibret Markos can be found smoking outside the courthouse.

Past her bedtime

Hackensack reporter Monsy Alvarado writes about Saturday classes at the Middle and 5ive6ix schools (L-1) a few days after ignoring a Board of Education meeting that went past midnight as officials deliberated the budget and weighed record layoffs.

Bergen County Courthouse reporter Kibret Markos misses so many North Jersey stories, you have to wonder why he and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes are wasting readers' time with a long L-6 story on a dispute over legal fees involving a Baltimore lawyer, a North Carolina bank and The Prudential Insurance Co. 

Markos violates widely accepted standards of reporting in a second story today about a lawyer who stole nearly $540,000 of his clients' money (L-3). 

Sykes should be ashamed of herself for not striking the words "mentally ill" from a description of the lawyer's ex-wife, who has absolutely nothing to do with the thefts.

Where the hell is the copy desk?
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  1. The Bergen Record doing a series on bullying? Nothing could be more laughable.

    Ask most anyone in Bergen County about the Borgs and if you can guarantee anonymity, you will hear, "Bullies."

    They threaten, humiliate and scare victims regularly. Their many stooges laugh WITH them to avoid being bullied themselves. Sound familiar?

    There are no bigger bullies in Bergen County than Jennifer and Stephen Borg. Nobody even comes close.


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