Friday, April 8, 2011

Readers hope to send editor to the moon

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Some readers wish Editor Francis Scandale would take a trip to space and not come back.

The Record's readers are chipping in to send Editor Francis Scandale on a shuttle trip to the international space station (A-1 brief). 

For his next journalism job, the failed editor of the Woodland Park daily plans to publish a newsletter for attorneys defending men accused of sexually abusing underage girls (A-1 lead Wednesday and Thursday).

The Christie spin

Staff Writer Pat Alex cranks up the paper's public relations machinery for a so-called national speech on teacher accountability by Governor Christie (A-1), but she and other education reporters remain mum on the impact of parents and home life on student success.

Three embarrassing corrections appear on A-2 today.

In an anti-lawyer scree on the Opinion Page (A-23), former journalist Jay Ambrose calls Wal-Mart "one of the best companies in America" -- without disclosing his stock holdings in the retailer.

Celebrating slobs

If you can see through the bureaucratic fog generated by Road Warrior John Cichowski (L-1), you'll realize the chief culprits for all that highway litter are the motorized slobs his column loves to celebrate three times a week. 

I'm glad to see that Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung got stung by a $13 valet parking charge -- punishment for boring readers with a story on The Urban Plum, a mediocre hotel restaurant (Better Living centerfold).

In view of all the Better Living typos and errors, including her own whoppers, can she really afford to expose misspellings on The Urban Plum menu?

Here is one of her gems in today's review: The lobster burger "stank of unfreshness." 

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