Monday, June 15, 2015

Veterans on Harleys break laws, tie up traffic, diss the flag

In sleepy Mahwah, musicians in the Les Paul Trio were protected from the sun, above and below, but most of the people who attended a celebration of the late, great jazz guitarist on Sunday roasted in the parking lot of a local museum. To add insult to injury, the chintzy museum sent someone out to solicit donations from the overheated guests.

Les Paul lived in Mahwah for about 50 years, and the museum has a collection of the electric guitars and multi-track recording equipment he pioneered. But the museum doesn't have a water fountain that would have provided some relief to the sun-baked crowd on Sunday.


Veterans wearing the American flag as a head covering and riding noisy motorcycles that spew pollution are celebrated in The Record today.

Count yourself lucky you weren't one of the hundreds of motorists inconvenienced as nearly 600 Harley-Davidsons roared down Bergen County roads and highways during a 48-mile drive to raise money for fellow veterans (L-1).

Turn to Pages L-1, L-2 and L-3 in Local today for a photo comparison of how to disrespect and respect the Stars and Stripes.

On L-1 and L-2, motorcyclists Steven Espinal and Peter Rossi are shown wearing what look like stylized American flags as head coverings or what are sometimes referred to as do-rags.

On L-3, Westwood Elks Lodge members are shown with a carefully folded American flag that was being retired. 

The Record publishes upbeat photos and stories on motorcycle charity runs several times a year, associating noise and air pollution and the violation of anti-noise ordinances with the doing of good deeds.

But such coverage ignores one of the biggest quality-of-life issues in North Jersey -- motorcycles that are deliberately modified to make as much noise as possible.

Of course, some would say who can blame veterans for trying to draw some attention to themselves after they were mistreated by their own government on their return from war.

Still, I'm sure they can find another way to do good that doesn't disturb the peace and quiet we all desire, especially on a Sunday.

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