Monday, June 8, 2015

Many thousands of words, but why should readers care?

What the early stage of renewal on Main Street in Hackensack looks like. A 14-story apartment building is planned for the site.


I've never heard of an "Internet catfish scam," but if it has nothing to do with tainted seafood, I don't care what it is.

Today, Editor Martin Gottlieb of The Record delivers one of the most boring front pages I've ever seen.

Dominating Page 1, a report identifies the victim of the Internet scam as a young woman who lives in Matawan, which is far from Bergen County.

Another front page story -- a newly released study on NJ Transit's rail-safety team -- begins with a defense of the agency even before any criticism is leveled.


Also above the fold, a Bridgegate report gets no closer to revealing Governor Christie's involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closures two months before the 2013 election (A-1).

The fourth main element today speculates on whether American Pharoah is going to be raced again or allowed to have sex several times a day with another horse (A-1).

On the Local front, a story on the Orthodox Jewish community embracing the racehorse's Triple Crown victory never explains why owner Ahmet Zayat, who lives in Teaneck, named the stallion after the biggest oppressor of ancient Jews (L-1).

Christie lies

Three days after Christie accused Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton of seeking an "opportunity to commit greater acts of voter fraud," The Record finally responds today.

"The charge is ludicrous by any measure," an editorial declares (A-9).

Then, why was the unofficial GOP presidential candidate's charge published on Saturday's front page in what amounted to little more than a sensational sound bite?

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