Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Are editors calling 2016 presidential race on front page?

The Record's Tuesday story on PSE&G replacing outdated, leaky gas pipes didn't say whether the work is closing streets in Hackensack, above, Fort Lee and other towns.


On Sunday, Democrat Hillary Clinton got four of the five columns on Page 1 of The Record to announce her White House candidacy.

But former GOP Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's declaration commanded only three columns on Tuesday's front page.

And today, pro basketball grabbed all of the editor's attention, earning billionaire Republican Donald Trump only an A-1 brief, referring readers to his campaign launch inside (A-6).

Is Editor Martin Gottlieb using the front page to signal to readers which candidate he expects to win the 2016 presidential election?

No. It's more likely page designers long ago replaced The Record's editors in deciding the makeup of A-1 based on photos, presumed reader interest, sensationalism and exaggerating the importance of pro sports.

Christie play?

If Governor Christie finally declares he will be riding the GOP clown bus to the 2016 convention, will The Record give him a banner headline on the front page?

The paper's tone, at least on the Editorial Page, has shifted dramatically:

"The governor's lack of leadership on mass transit and road and rail infrastructure is inexcusable," today's editorial on rising NJ Transit rail fares and service cuts declares (A-12).

But the GOP bully signaled his war against mass transit nearly five ago, with the late 2010 cancellation of the Hudson River rail tunnels, and the editors swallowed whole his excuses for doing so.

They also were asleep when Christie grabbed hundreds of millions of dollars in leftover tunnel money from NJ Transit and the Port Authority to fix roads and bridges, rather than raise the low gas tax.

Governor Veto

Coverage of the worst governor in state history by Columnist Charles Stile, Staff Writer Melissa Hayes and others seemed to have been lifted from Christie's own upbeat press releases.

And The Record continually portrayed him as a compromiser and bipartisan, only this year reporting he has used the gubernatorial veto more than 350 times to kill progressive bills and get his way with the Legislature's majority Democrats.

Nasty Trump

In true racist form, Trump blasted Mexico for sending "people who have lots of problems," including "rapists," and vowed to build a border wall and have that country pay for it (A-6).

Mexicans and Central American cooks, kitchen workers and servers form the backbone of the Manhattan restaurant industry, including those owned and patronized by the billionaire.

I can see one of them spitting in his food or worse. LOL.

Word play

A mayor in Indiana who came out as gay on Tuesday has a last name that starts with "Butt" (A-6).

In Local, a Ramsey man accused of sexual assault is named "Goodfellow" (L-3).

Nikolas Samouhos

Congratulations to the local assignment editors, Deirdre Sykes and Dan Sforza, for once again treating a fatal accident victim as little more than road kill.

Today, readers learn Nik Samouhos, 40, of Ridgefield Park led an adventurous life and was loved by his family, including his four nephews (L-6).

On Tuesday, a brief reported Samouhos was killed in a collision in California, but the editors didn't bother finding out anything more than his age and where he lived.

Similar briefs have appeared in The Record's Local section literally for decades.

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