Friday, May 8, 2015

PA backing of rail tunnels is really bad news for bus riders

NJ Transit buses were gridlocked outside the Port Authority's midtown Manhattan bus terminal during the afternoon rush last summer, above and below.

After dropping off commuters in the morning, many NJ Transit buses return empty and park near the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel and in other lots until they are needed in the afternoon, causing massive congestion on tunnel approaches.


Port Authority backing for new Hudson River tunnels is great news for rail commuters, as you can see on Page 1 of The Record today.

But it looks like bus riders will be stuck in traffic for the foreseeable future.

The massive bi-state agency has been screwing North Jersey's bus patrons for decades, refusing to add a second reverse bus lane into the Lincoln Tunnel in the morning and start a new reverse lane in the afternoon. 

That means city bound NJ Transit riders must scramble for rush-hour seats in the A.M., and wait on long, serpentine lines in an antiquated bus terminal for their home-bound buses in the P.M.

The Record's transportation reporter, Christopher Maag; Road Warrior John Cichowski and all of the other transportation writers in the past couple of decades likely have never taken a bus into the city.

Otherwise, they would be aware of an easy way to cut delays for NJ Transit bus commuters.

Of course, the hitch is all about money: 

The Port Authority doesn't want to add Lincoln Tunnel lanes reserved exclusively for buses, because that would mean fewer drivers paying exorbitant Hudson River tolls and less money to cover cost overruns on such projects as the new World Trade Center.

Ben E. King

If you're black, there are only a few ways to get on the front page of The Record of Woodland Park:

Accomplish what soul singer Ben E. King did (A-1); get shot and killed in one of the drive-by shootings the Paterson police are unable or unwilling to stop; or commit a crime so heinous you catch the attention of Editor Martin Gottlieb.

If you're black or Hispanic, there is even less chance of getting a job in the Woodland Park newsroom.


For the few history buffs who read Thursday's front-page story on the Lusitania sinking in 1915, a correction on A-2 today tells you the editors still can't get the facts straight even with 100 years of perspective.

Local news?

Is it possible that Scott Garrett, the crackpot Republican in the 5th Congressional District, just held "his first town-hall-style meeting" (L-1)?

The darling of the Tea Party has been in office since 2003, and now represents residents of Hackensack, Teaneck, Fair Lawn and other towns in Bergen and Passaic counties.

Why didn't I read about that when Garrett was challenged by Hackensack attorney Roy Cho last November?

Turkish -- again?

Given the over-saturation of Turkish restaurants in North Jersey, many readers are questioning Restaurant Reviewer Elisa Ung's decision to praise another one in Cliffside Park (BL-18).

She gives 3 stars to Cinar (Excellent), even though there wasn't enough sugar in the rice pudding ($5.95).

As usual, she tells readers nothing about how the chicken, beef and lamb on the menu were raised.

I also wonder why Ung, in July 2014, wrote a brief about a noodle-and-cheese dish served at Istanbul Borek and Kebab in Cliffside, but never sampled the the new restaurant's dinner menu.

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