Sunday, May 10, 2015

Editors afflicted with schizophrenia on the real Christie

Hackensack University Medical Center apparently ran out of room in Hackensack and built its Fitness & Wellness Center in neighboring Maywood. But the non-profit HUMC doesn't give seniors enrolled in United Healthcare's Silver Sneakers program the free membership they enjoy at 24 Hour Fitness, Gold's and other gyms.


The Record leads its thin Sunday edition with a story strongly suggesting Governor Christie is one of the unindicted co-conspirators in the illegal George Washington Bridge lane closures.

But the editors continue to assign a reporter to cover Christie's visits to early primary states, and portray him favorably as a "down-to-earth, straight-talking Jersey guy [and] a bipartisan pragmatist" (A-1 and A-2). 

That flies in the face of how he's governed New Jersey since early 2010, issuing more than 350 vetoes to thwart the Democratic majority in the state Legislature.

Many say, 'Guilty'

No matter what he's said about his knowledge or participation in the September 2013 lane closures, the court of public opinion has found Christie guilty.

Staff Writer Melissa Hayes' coverage of what he said or what he did in New Hampshire last week is a slap in the face to New Jersey residents, who have lost so much under the Christie administration (A-2).

The schizophrenia continues on the Editorial Page, where Margulies' cartoon lampoons Christie's lame explanation on Bridgegate (O-2):

"My appointees closed the bridge lanes without telling me."
"Because they kept me in the dark and misled me ..."
"Christie For President
A new type of leadership"

Just remember what Bridget Anne Kelly said after she pleaded not guilty to conspiring to close bridge lanes to punish Fort Lee's Democratic mayor for not endorsing the reelection of the GOP bully.

"Kelly [Christie's former deputy chief of staff] said ... that it would be 'ludicrous' to believe she was the only one in the Governor's Office who knew about the lane closings ...." (A-1 and A-12).

Must-read list

Don't miss the riveting Page 1 story on all of the homeowners who were victims of the greedy real estate industry (A-1).

On the Local front, Road Warrior John Cichowski explores his encyclopedic knowledge of North Jersey footbridges (L-1).

On the Business front, Staff Writer Joan Verdon warns, "Malls reach a crossroads" (B-1).

It never occurs to Sunday Columnist Elisa Ung the Chef's Table in Franklin Lakes is "half empty," because many restaurant goers are eating healthier and rejecting foie gras, Grand Marnier-soaked strawberry shortcake, and French food made with heavy cream and butter (BL-1). 

On the Opinion front, Mike Kelly gives us a second column on Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich only the reporter's and mayor's families will read (O-1). 

Devoting most of today's Travel section to a Washington Post story about cassoulet -- a French bean-and-pork stew -- is an odd choice given all the readers who will never try it (T-1):

Muslims, observant Jews, the growing number of people who don't eat meat and the legions who won't be vacationing in France anytime soon.

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