Friday, May 10, 2013

Vote against Hackensack's politics of greed

Some of the best lawns in Hackensack are sprouting a new sign from independent City Council candidate Victor E. Sasson, above and below. The non-partisan election is Tuesday, and Sasson is urging all city residents to get out and vote for reform.

Euclid Avenue in Hackensack.

Spring Valley Avenue in Hackensack.

Today's edition of the weekly Hackensack Chronicle is filled with stories, essays, photos and a letter aimed at voters in Tuesday's City Council election -- a day after The Record ran a Page 1 story about one of the most important contests in the city's history.

Whether you are affiliated with a party or not, you can vote in the non-partisan election. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Here is the 300-word essay from independent candidate Victor E. Sasson, editor of Eye on The Record (Page 3 in the Chronicle): 

"If elected to the Hackensack City Council, I will work tirelessly to return the focus to the property tax payer, and reverse the trend of rising taxes and falling services.

"I am independent and honest, and owe no favors to the special interests that have controlled Hackensack for so long. I want to restore pride in a city that is widely mocked as 'Zisaville.'
"I am financing my own campaign, and will return $2,500 of my salary as a councilman to the city or a charity.

"I will do so to encourage Hackensack University Medical Center, Fairleigh Dickinson University and other tax-exempt entities to follow suit and give back to Hackensack -- a city that has squandered so many of its tax dollars on insider deals with the politically connected.

"Mine is the original 'quality of life' platform, emphasizing changes city residents can feel -- from smooth streets to less aircraft noise to saving money by running the city more efficiently with hybrid cars and solar panels.

"As the parent of a Hackensack High School student, I am disturbed by the divisiveness on the Board of Education, and believe term limits should be imposed on school trustees.

"I am also troubled by the low quality of food served to students.

"I love Hackensack, but deplore the politics of greed that have been practiced by the Zisa family and their powerful allies for decades, and how they are trying to perpetuate their rule by backing a slate in this election.

"I urge voters to go to the polls on May 14 in one of the most important elections in city history. If you haven’t voted in past municipal elections, you have only yourselves to blame for the crummy government we have."

Sasson, who is financing his own campaign, miscalculated the impact of lawn signs, and didn't order them right away.

This morning, Sasson went to Hackensack Market to add his signs to those of the other candidates, but managers of the market refused.

Sasson is trying to contact the owner.

Open Government City Council candidate Kenneth Martin, a former police detective, will stand trial on charges he removed opponents' lawn signs at Hackensack Market on Passaic Street.

Employees of Hackensack Market complained of all the trouble Open Government candidate Kenneth Martin caused when he allegedly removed opponents' signs, and was caught red-handed on the store's surveillance camera.

Martin heads "the Zisa slate," which is  trying to hold onto power in Hackensack.

Say it isn't so, Joe

Three public forums for the 11 candidates were held in high-rises on Prospect Avenue, where residents have joined a coalition to stop the construction of a 19-story hospital, with 5 floors of underground parking, near Golf Place.

The Hackensack zoning board rejected the plan, 5-0, but Prospect Avenue residents fear a Superior Court judge will rule in favor of the developer, who has appealed.

So they want whomever gets elected on Tuesday to retain City Attorney Joseph C. Zisa Jr. and former zoning board attorney Richard Malagiere, who are defending the city.

Malagiere resigned from the zoning board after he was cited for owning homes with alleged building violations.

Now, there are rumors Joe Zisa may be leaving Hackensack.

Zisa is the cousin of Ken Zisa, the disgraced former state Assemblyman and police chief, and father of Lauren Zisa, editor-in-chief of The County Toilet Seat, a weekly paper. 

Joe Zisa has made major improvements to his shore house; and his building at 77 Hudson St., where his private law office was located, is listed for lease, not sale.

He also has spoken to a Realtor about listing his home in the city's Fairmount section.   

The Record

There is big news on Page A-2 of The Record today: no corrections, clarifications or retractions.

A good laugh

Hackensack residents don't have much to laugh about, but Sasson can recommend a photo essay on Hackensack Scoop that features the Zisas, city officials and others:

Separated at birth 


  1. Victor, I was just curious how much those campaign signs cost? I imagine it varies but I don't recall ever seeing how much they cost -- even in stories about their theft.

    Thank you.

  2. Mine cost $10.50 each. The 4 taken by Kenneth Martin were valued at $24 total, hence the disorderly persons charge. I got mine from a local printer, and they are far superior to my opponents' signs.

  3. Yes, they look nice. The background is colorful and 10 does not seem too costly. Thanks.


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