Monday, May 13, 2013

Road Warrior flip-flops on MVC lines

Memo to the Road Warrior: As a so-called commuting columnist, you should be writing about daily lines at the bus terminal in Manhattan, above, or New York's Penn Station, below, but not so obsessively about lines at Motor Vehicle Commission offices, which drivers have to visit only once every four years, if that.

The afternoon rush for an NJ Transit train.

The morning rush to get into the Lincoln Tunnel.

Editor's note: Road Warrior John Cichowski has probably written more columns about lines at Motor Vehicle Commission offices than on any other topic, but motorists are far less obsessed with them, because they have to visit the MVC only once every four years, if that. Now, a concerned reader points out in his latest e-mail to management that Cichowksi apparently can't remember what he wrote about MVC lines in previous columns.

"The Road Warrior is like the little boy who cried wolf -- in his endless columns about whether there are shorter or longer lines at MVC offices, reporting  that does not appear to reflect any reality. He continues to flip-flop when reporting that lines are shorter, only to follow in subsequent columns that lines are still longer.

"His May 8 column indicated that lines are much, much shorter with waits as short as 15 minutes and that line waits have improved considerably over the PAST YEAR.  Yet, his Jan. 6 column went on and on about MVC lines that continued to be several hours long.

"His May 8 column indicated that MVC offices readily accommodate those with medical conditions so they do not have to wait in line.  Yet, his April 24 column reported and complained that MVC offices do NOT accommodate those with medical conditions.

"Road Warrior continues to foolishly report that those born BEFORE Dec. 1, 1964, are eligible to Skip the Trip to MVC offices for license renewals. As I pointed out concerning his April 24 column that made the same mistake, the MVC Web site clearly indicates that drivers born ON Dec. 1, 1964, or before may be eligible.

"Why does The Record management allow this foolish, flip-flopping and flawed reporting about MVC lines and other issues that only confuses readers?"

For the full text of the e-mail, click on the following link to the Facebook page for Road Warrior Bloopers:

Where do I line up?

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