Thursday, May 23, 2013

Road Warrior readers must fasten truth belt

Traffic backed up on Passaic Street in Rochelle Park.

Editor's note: The errors continue to pile up in the Road Warrior column from Staff Writer John Cichowski, who appears unable to perform simple arithmetic, as the latest e-mail to management from a concerned reader reveals:

 "The Road Warrior takes a vitally important safety issue about seat-belt usage and manages to make it into a senseless, head-scratching, mistaken, fictional account in his May 19 column.

"The Road Warrior was unable to perform third-grade math when he mistakenly guessed that 20% of drivers do NOT wear seat belts after reporting that 88% of driver do wear seat belts. 

"He was unable to explain there is more than 1 seat belt law and the relevant distinctions and details for the 2 seat belt laws that affect front- seat and back-seat passengers differently.

"Many of his reported statements were not supported by his reported facts. These statements made it seem like not using seat belts has relatively little impact on whether a person is more likely to be killed or injured."

Read the full e-mail, with a blow-by-blow comparison of fact and fiction, on the Facebook page for Road Warrior Bloopers: 

More Road Warrior errors

Today's paper

The Local news section carries two Hackensack stories today -- one on the excellence of the Fire Department, the other about the popularity of Mike Mordaga, the new police director -- both generated by Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

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