Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Selfish editor makes front page his own

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The Supreme Court convenes in the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, Trenton. Did Governor Christie dump the only black justice because he anticipated a battle over his deep education cuts?

Is it just a coincidence the so-called New Jersey stories on the front page today involve Glen Rock, where Editor Francis Scandale lives, and Colorado, where he lived before coming to The Record of Woodland Park?

Is the sixth story about Glen Rock's sister-city relationship with Onomachi, Japan, really Page 1 news? Readers still haven't seen any photos of the Japanese city.

Dissing Japan

Staff Writer Evonne Coutros looks down her Grecian nose at the Japanese, quoting their e-mails and making sure to include all their broken English.

The jailhouse interview with a Colorado man acquitted of murdering his father shows how easily the inmate O.J.'d both Scandale and veteran courthouse reporter Kibret Markos, making them look like fools for wasting A-1 space on his claim the killer is still out there.

Legal strategy

With a battle brewing before the Supreme Court on Governor Christie's unconstitutional cuts in state education aid, Columnist Charles Stile should be investigating whether the Republic bully got rid of the high court's only black justice to better his chances of prevailing.

Staff Writer Giovanna Fabiano's byline appears on an Englewood story for the first time in 12 days. 

Although she has ignored vacant downtown storefronts, the Jamaican community and the city's segregated schools, she made sure to cover a two-year battle over a private-school athletic field in Chairman Malcolm A. "Mac" Borg's East Hill neighborhood (L-3).

Publisher Stephen A. Borg attended the school, Dwight-Englewood, at a time when most of the students at the public Dwight Morrow High School were black and Hispanic.

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  1. Stephen Borg did not live in Englewood when he was in high school. Surely you must know that by now. (And don't call me Shirley.)

  2. He testified at a deposition, I believe, that he attended private high school in Englewood.

    Even if he didn't live there -- and I didn't say he did -- he could have commuted to the school from Manhattan or wherever he lived at the time.

    Who is Shirley?

  3. Let's keep Evonne Coutros' nose out of this. Besides, she's probably the best, most conscientious, hard working, throwback to the Record's better days reporter that they have. It isn't her fault Scamdale moved to Glen Rock, which is part of her beat along with Ridgewood.

  4. My point is that you are suggesting he is a racist because he chose a private school over a public one with minorities. But he didn't grow up in Englewood so why do you continue to expect him to have gone to an Englewood public school? I really don't get it. I don't mind you being irrational in making arguments but at least be fair.

    Bottom line is that he didn't grow up in Englewood. If that's so important to youthat you had to ask about it in a deposition, your attorney must have asked the questions wrong.

  5. I am a longtime admirer of Evonne's work, but her superiority when it comes to the Japanese is puzzling.

    In her first story about the e-mails, she actually noted they were written in "spotty English," whatever that is. English in spots?

    Please. There's no need to quote the e-mails verbatim or point out the obvious difficulty the residents of Onomachi have with our language.

    I mean, just how much Japanese does she speak?

  6. About Stephen Borg, all I am saying is that he testified he attended private school in Englewood.

    So I guess you are saying that if he didn't actually live there, his choice of a private school in Englewood had nothing to do with the public high school student body.

    Well, then, why did he attend private school in Englewood? Were his parents living there at the time?

  7. That's not what you said. You said he went to the private school to avoid the minorities at the public one. You really don't know the difference?

    Stephen Borg did not grow up in Englewood. Period.

  8. OK. I revised the paragraph about Stephen Borg after your earlier comment.

    But now I'm hearing he also attended the private Elisabeth Morrow School, which is just down the street from his parents' home, before he went to Dwight-Englewood and rubbed shoulders with all the other rich kids.

    So, was he being driven to school all those years from somewhere other than Englewood?

    You seem to know or claim to know, so please spill the beans on where he lived and why he attended school in Englewood.


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