Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did the Borgs meddle in the news?

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A Gulfstream business jet. Is there a link between a Sunday column and the Borgs?

A woman who is a wealthy dealer of $10 million to $50 million business jets seemed a strange choice of subjects for Kevin DeMarrais, The Record's long-time consumer columnist.

DeMarrais usually reports on credit card fees, supermarket prices and the ups and downs at the gasoline pump to help readers get the biggest bang for their buck.

But his "Your Money's Worth" column on the front of Sunday's Business section told the tale of Rebecca Posoli-Cilli, president of Hackensack-based Freestream Aircraft. 

Under a photo of the businesswoman in a hangar with one of those sleek jets, the caption says she "learned that even a stellar standing can get lost in cyberspace."

DeMarrais went on to relate a lawsuit, a settlement and stale information on the Internet, and how the businesswoman hired a firm to get positive information about her moved to the top of Google searches. Happy ending.

Now, it seems, Chairman Malcolm A. Borg may have had something to do with getting what amounts to a million dollars worth of free publicity for a business-jet dealer who has been hurt by the recession. 

Or did his son, Publisher Stephen A. Borg, or his daughter, Vice President and General Counsel Jennifer A. Borg, ask the Business news department to do the story?

The elder Borg apparently is a client of Posoli-Cilli's and his testimonial appears on a Web site, along with that of Ralph Lauren and other movers and shakers who uses these enormously expensive and wasteful business jets.

Here is the link to the testimonials, including the one from Mac Borg: 

DeMarrais' sell-out can be read here:

Hasn't DeMarrais and the Woodland Park daily put its reputation on the line? What other stories appearing in the paper are about the Borgs' friends and business acquaintances?

Of course, the other question is why do the Borgs need a private jet at their disposal? Let's hope it's not just for beating the traffic out to their place in the Hamptons. 

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