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Mac Borg and mogul Jon F. Hanson share private jet

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Look for Malcolm A. Borg's and Jon F. Hanson's private jet at an airport near you.

Editor's note: Since this post was written, Jon F. Hanson has been identified as one of Governor Christie's chief fundraisers, and his real estate company arranged the sale-leaseback of North Jersey Media Group's plant in Rockaway Township, where The Record and Herald News are printed.


Malcom A. "Mac" Borg, chairman of North Jersey Media Group, and his family are sharing a  private jet with Jon F. Hanson, a fellow multimillionaire who is Governor Christie's adviser on the New Jersey sports and entertainment industry, including the Meadowlands.

Hanson's recommendations for reviving the Meadowlands Sports Complex appear in a story on the Local front today -- only the latest in a series of stories on Hanson that have appeared recently in The Record of Woodland Park, NJMG's flagship publication.

At the same time, Borg has prevailed on Editor Francis Scandale and head Assignment Editor Deirdre Sykes to keep stories on aircraft noise out of the paper, despite the impact all those private jets at Teterboro Airport have had on the quality of life of people living in Hackensack and other towns. 

I can just see some poor schmuck, awakened by another private jet roaring over his house, turning to his wife and complaining, "It's that scumbag Mac Borg again!"

Hanson is chairman and founder of The Hampshire Companies, a sponsor of real estate funds, and has 50 years of experience in the real estate industry.  

Borg, Hanson and Christie -- just three of the powerful men who nurture ties across publishing-journalism, real estate and politics, often hidden from public view.

A Web site listing recent sales by Freestream Aircraft Ltd. says a Citation Excel was "exclusively purchased on behalf of Mr. Malcolm Borg and Mr. John Hanson" (Hanson's first name is misspelled). 

The price isn't given, but Freestream sells jets that cost $10 million to $50 million.

Borg discusses the process of buying the plane in this testimonial about Rebecca Posoli-Cilli, president of Freestream's U.S. office in Hackensack:

"Rebecca’s sales team, but especially Rebecca, was the best thing that happened to us when my friend and I decided to sell our 1984 Citation III and upgrade into a late-model Citation Excel. She had the patience of Job in dealing with me, the lead partner, in the acquisition of our Excel. Without her, we would not have made the great choice we did. She found us a plane with 1100 hours that was 95% equipped with everything desired; she took care of all the pre-buy inspections and details; and she negotiated the upgrades to our avionics with Duncan Aviation.

"Without Rebecca, my friend [Hanson] and his family and my family and I would not be enjoying the wonderful convenience of having our own jet at our disposal. She was simply incredible on all counts, and I recommend her to any potential airplane purchaser without reservation."
  • Malcolm A. Borg, Managing Partner – Trio Air Holdings, LLC

A reader commented on northjersey.com about Borg and Hanson in reaction to a Political Stile column that ran  on Jan. 23, 2011:
Sunday January 23, 2011, 2:32 PM - PaigeAve says:
"It also amazing how the prestigous Bergen Record and their insane strong defense for the metropolis of Teterboro, which endorsed County Exe.Donovans position on Teterboro, keep forgetting to mention that the owner of the Bergen Record Mac Borg has a conflict with his alleged sharing of a corporate jet with his BFF, John Hanson, who is a large Teterboro property owner and Christies goto guy on Meadowlands development."

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  1. Maybe the Borgs Can buy a Jet because they took away there Employees 401k Plan and there Pension.
    How do the Borgs even look there Employees in the face?

  2. That's not true, about the pension and 401K. Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

  3. They can buy a jet because they're multi-millionaires, and at least one of them allegedly had nothing better to do with his time than to send pornography to other company executives.


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