Friday, January 6, 2017

PA to commuters: Wait 20 years for better bus, rail service

This cartoon from Mike Lukovich equates GOP repeal of the Affordable Care Act with terrorism against the American people.


Staff Writer Paul Berger of The Record has been so busy chronicling the transportation war between New York and New Jersey he buried the lead today on funding of a new bus terminal in Manhattan.

Deep in his Page 1 report on Thursday's meeting of Port Authority commissioners, Berger quotes the board chairman as saying a new midtown bus terminal may take as long as 20 years to complete (6A).

Yikes! Does that mean the 230,000 bus commuters who pour into Manhattan every day, most of them from New Jersey, won't see any relief until then?

And does that also mean they'll be fighting over rush hour seats for another 20 years, because The Record isn't prodding Port Authority officials to expand service immediately by adding more exclusive bus lanes into and out of the Lincoln Tunnel?

The bi-state agency's capital plan also includes billions to double rail capacity between New Jersey and Manhattan, but Berger provides no estimate of when those tunnels will be finished.

And as I understand it, when the new Gateway tunnels are finished, the old ones, or at least one of them, will be shut down for repairs, so service might not "double" for another 20 years.

Food Editor Esther Davidowitz of The Record.

Food crawl

When Friday rolls around at the Gannett-owned Record, it's time for another "food crawl" (Better Living).

This one focuses on only four of the many great food businesses in Englewood, but the author is none other than Food Editor Esther Davidowitz, who warns readers "this is not your low-cal, low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free crawl" (10BL and 11BL). 

Well, it could have been, if Davidowitz didn't completely miss the restaurant-quality Meals To Go at Jerry's Gourmet & More, her fourth and last stop on the South Dean Street crawl.

These take-out dinners -- with seafood, chicken, pork or beef, plus pasta or potatoes and vegetables -- are at $7.99 a sane alternative to Jerry's $12-a-pound stuffed eggplant or $17 a pound poached salmon.

Fish, linguine with white clam sauce, and broccoli were just three of the items in one of Jerry's Meals To Go -- complete, restaurant-quality take-out dinners for $7.99, below.
If the freshly prepared store-made dinners aren't sold out at 4 p.m., they are marked down to $5.99.


  1. A reader forwarded this comment about redesign of the print edition:

    "As for the new Record layout, I find the print much easier to read -- it appears to be either larger or darker. However, the papers is really sparse on news.

    "There is just nothing there. I guess that they have dropped the restaurant reviews and they seem to be running a lot less columns and letters to the editor."

  2. On The Record's Facebook page, Ellen Moran Cosenza says:

    "Used to be 5 stars - now it has been taken over by a large corporation and the quality has suffered greatly. Looks lousy, less content and more generic articles instead of the great local reporting they used to have."

    Kathy Murphy says:

    "I've tried very hard to like the 'new' Record but it's just terrible. I have been getting this paper longer than I can remember but will stop it when my subscription runs out!! Everything about the paper is different and I'm not enjoying any of it. Very, very sad........"

    Here is the web address:

  3. For more reviews by Record readers, see:


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