Friday, October 14, 2016

Ex-Hackensack football coach now works at Hillers School

Daniel Casasnovas, who once coached football at Hackensack High School, has been cleared of "an accusation made by a student" after investigations by both the state Department of Children and Families, and the city's Board of Education (Verona-Cedar Grove Times photo).


Former Hackensack High School football coach Dan Casasnovas has returned to work.

Casasnovas is the physical education teacher at Fanny Meyer Hillers Elementary School, replacing Brett Koenig, who assumed the same job at the high school.

In a letter to Hillers parents, interim Superintendent Joseph Cicchelli noted Casasnovas was put on leave in the spring while "an accusation made by a student" was investigated by the state Department of Children and Families' Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit.

"We received a letter ... that indicated the conclusion of their investigative finding was that 'Neglect/Substantial Risk of Physical Injury was unfounded ....'

"'No adjudicative findings have been made,'" state officials said.

The Board of Education launched its own investigation, and its findings "concur" with the state investigation, Cicchelli said.

"There was no proof on any wrongdoing," said one person familiar with the school board investigation.

'Distraction and stigma'

"Unfortunately, during this process, inaccurate and inappropriate information was posted on social media," Cicchelli said in his letter to parents.

"As is often said in court, 'You cannot un-ring the bell.' Once it has been rung, you cannot un-hear it.

"What is placed on the internet is there forever and so it is in this situation. 

"Because of that fact, a decision was made to transfer Mr. Casasnovas to an elementary level position, so that he may continue to teach without the distraction and stigma resulting from those posts.

"We appreciate your understanding and support of this decision." 

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