Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Editors print all the Paterson crime, gee-whiz news that fits

From cartoonist Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
From cartoonist Dave Granlund.


Paterson or Passaic County news dominates Page 1 and the Local front today in The Record of Woodland Park.

The heart of the daily's circulation is in Bergen County, but cost cutting long before the paper was sold to Gannett left readers with a single local-news edition for all of North Jersey.

The savings in newsprint likely are substantial, though unknown.

But no one can calculate the damage to the credibility of The Record as a source of local news in Bergen County.

No one killed

Even though no one was killed, today's front page carries a gee-whiz account of a gas explosion that leveled three homes and damaged two others in Paterson on Tuesday (A-1 and L-1).

The Record's story merely repeats what readers saw reported on TV newscasts all day and into the night on Tuesday.

Today's Local front carries stories on Governor Christie pitching his doomed school-funding plan in Wayne, an environmental brouhaha in Ringwood and West Milford, and a Paterson drug suspect charged with murder.

Tuesday's Local front also carried three stories from Passaic County:

A Clifton cab company was fined $42,000 for denying service to a deaf woman; the dredging of a lake in the city of Passaic was called a mess; and Paterson officials settled a suit filed by the former community development director.

Paterson crime and court news appeared inside Tuesday's section, as did news the city is getting a federal grant to hire 15 more police officers.

Passaic v. Bergen

The Record does far more stories on Paterson's dysfunctional City Hall than on Bergen's many dysfunctional home-rule communities.

Contrast numerous stories on Paterson's schools with not a single story on Hackensack's schools or Board of Education. 

What revolution?

A brief on Page 1 today reports "several" barbecue restaurants have opened in North Jersey since the first "real BBQ" outpost was established in 1999 by Dave "Fink" Finkelstein.

But the headline oversells the phenomena as a "BBQ revolution."

On BL-1 and BL-3, a long story by Food Editor Esther Davidowitz talks about smoke, sauce and all of the trimmings, but ignores whether the pork is naturally raised or just the same old crap raised in horrific conditions on factory farms and served in most restaurants.

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