Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trump denounced for endless con, but Christie is off hook

NBC fired GOP presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump after he called Mexicans rapists and drug runners.


A hard-hitting Page 1 story and headline in The Record today denounces Donald J. Trump for disavowing his "crackpot con" about President Obama's birthplace.

gives up 
old con
for new"

"Peddling false
theories just part
of his reality show"

Reporter Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post said Trump "immediately peddled another false conspiracy and even went so far as to claim credit for rectifying the situation" (A-6).

"'Hilary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it,' Trump said, falsely .... 'President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.'"

"Trump even claimed in 2011 to have sent a team of investigators to Hawaii, to discover whether Obama had really been born there, as he -- and all the public records -- attested."

Two GOP thugs

The Record of Woodland Park, acquired by Gannett on July 6, remains the only major daily in the state that hasn't called on Governor Christie to resign for endorsing Trump, the wacko racist who is the GOP presidential nominee.

Gannett owned five of the six dailies that issued that call early this year, after Christie dropped out of the presidential race.

The Woodland Park daily also has ignored how Christie's 500-plus vetoes have hurt New Jersey residents in so many areas, as well as caused gridlock in the state Legislature.

Frivolous suit

Even though I'm a loyal Costco Wholesale member, I cannot believe a Leonia couple is wasting the court's time with a suit "alleging they were illegally charged sales tax on toilet paper at the retailer's stores in Wayne and Hackensack," for a loss of only about $6 (L-1).

Let's see, I've been buying toilet paper at Costco for 20 years.

But the savings I've enjoyed on fresh fish, other high-quality food, tires and so much more -- plus thousands of dollars in cash rebates from Costco, gas stations, restaurants and other retailers -- make whatever sales tax I've paid on toilet paper insignificant.

The larger problem is that lawsuits like this one are clogging the courts, denying other plaintiffs speedy resolution of their complaints.

Lawsuits like this one mean plaintiffs, if they can afford the inflated fees most lawyers charge, wait two, three or more years before their cases go to trial or are settled.

Now, that's a real injustice.

Common error

In reporting the suit against the toilet-paper tax, Staff Writer Nicholas Pugliese commits an error I've seen so many times before in The Record.

He parrots the plaintiffs' attorney, who says she filed "a class-action complaint" against Costco.

Only a judge can certify a lawsuit as a class action.

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