Sunday, September 18, 2016

Excusing Christie's many sins finally catches up to editors

Bridgegate trial defendants Bridget Anne Kelly, Governor Christie's former deputy chief of staff, above right in a photo from the New York Daily News; and Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director of the Port Authority, below, will testify in their own defense, and are expected to finger the governor. The federal criminal trial opens on Monday in Newark.

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Today, not one but two of The Record's long-winded columnists choke readers with thousands of words of background on Governor Christie's mean-spirited politics and how they relate to Monday's Bridgegate trial (A-1 and O-1).

Just 10 days ago, the Woodland Park daily ran the last of three long, front-page stories on the defendants, the government's star witness, the jury and Christie's continued claims of innocence in the George Washington Bridge lane closures in September 2013.

Prosecutors and witnesses are expected to explore how the Christie administration used dirty tricks to retaliate against the Fort Lee mayor and other Democrats who refused to endorse the GOP thug for reelection.

All of this piling on comes years after Christie took office -- declaring war on teachers, the rest of New Jersey's middle class and the Democrats who control the state Legislature.

Until now, all The Record's editors and columnists did was shrug.

'Political bully'

In his Page 1 column today, Staff Writer Charles Stile reports the lane closures "permanently saddled him [Christie] with the image of a political bully" (A-7).

That's hardly breaking news, especially in view of the hundreds of vetoes Christie has used to enforce his conservative agenda since he took office in early 2010.

On the Opinion front today, Columnist Mike Kelly sounds like an echo of Stile when he declares "the essential lesson of the Bridgegate trial may turn out to be a reminder of how petty politics can be ..."

Local news?

Readers again question the news judgment of the local editors, who found more value in an idiotic quiz by the Road Warrior columnist (L-1) than the well-written obituary of Raymond X. McCoy, 80, a funeral director-turned-candy apple maker (L-2).

The lazy, incompetent editors also were desperate to plug a hole on L-3 with a gee-whiz picture of a car that flipped onto its side on a highway off-ramp.


Today's editorial begins by noting Christie "has refused for nearly seven years to do anything about truly reforming New Jersey's education system" (O-2).

Now, he wants to overturn the landmark state Supreme Court ruling that sought to end the inadequate and unequal funding of poor districts.

But instead of condemning Christie, the editorial calls on him to work "across the aisle with Democrats for real and lasting changes ...."

Isn't that naive in view of the more than 500 vetoes Christie has used to get his way?

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