Friday, July 15, 2016

Trump's hate speech may encourage rash of terror attacks

Today's cover of the New York Post commenting on the Bastille Day attack on a crowd watching fireworks in Nice, on the French Riviera. (The town's name is pronounced "NIECE," not "NICE.") Below, a Post cover from February, when Governor Christie endorsed wacko racist Donald J. Trump for president in the apparent hope -- now dashed -- the billionaire would pick him as the GOP's vice presidential candidate.

Seven major New Jersey dailies -- six of them owned by the Gannett Co. -- cited the endorsement of Trump when they called on Christie to resign. However, The Record didn't, and it's unclear whether that position will change now that Gannett has purchased the Woodland Park daily.


Is there anyone Donald J. Trump doesn't hate?

Eleven million immigrants, all Muslims, women and legions of others are on the hit list of the Republican Party's presumptive presidential candidate.

Now, as we try to absorb yet another attack on innocent people in France, you have to wonder whether Trump's venomous speech is encouraging terrorism here and abroad.

"Has anyone else noticed?" CoCoWats tweeted on Thursday afternoon (@WatsJo). "Terrorist attacks have drastically increased since Donald announced his candidacy."

Meanwhile, Trump's fellow Muslim hater, Governor Christie, now is out of the running for vice president on the GOP ticket.

Instead, Trump has picked just what we all really need -- another heartland conservative, Gov. Mike Spence of Indiana, where only 6.6 million people live, many of them on farms.

Today's paper

In a Page 1 column today, Staff Writer Charles Stile, The Record's chief apologist for Christie, reports Spence is Trump's choice.

But the headline -- "Former mentor delivers hit to Christie's hopes" -- makes it sound like the GOP bully still is in the running for the Republican Party's all-hate, all-the-time ticket.

The headline on the continuation page (A-6) also is outdated, given the apparent selection of Spence:

"STILE: Former mentor's guilty plea delivers hit to VP hopes."

"Former mentor" is a reference to former Port Authority Chairman David Samson, who Christie has called a "father figure."

Samson pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday to bribery charges for pressuring United Airlines to launch what amounted to private jet travel to his vacation home in South Carolina (A-1).

Samson, who Christie named to the powerful job of Port Authority chairman, was charged as part of the FBI investigation into the politically motivated lane closures at the George Washington Bridge in September 2013. 

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