Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm racking my brain on what Christie has done for us lately

The Anderson Street Bridge has finally reopened between Teanack and Hackensack after crews worked to strengthen the span, but traffic still is restricted to one lane in each direction. Meanwhile, two major eyesores on Cedar Lane at River Road in Teaneck -- a shuttered diner and a long-abandoned gas station -- have been demolished.


Today's Page 1 story in The Record on how Governor Christie has frozen $2.7 billion in NJ Transit projects sounds horrendous.

That's until you realize it's a bargaining chip in the road-and-rail funding fight between the GOP bully and the Democrats in the state Legislature, and will probably be lifted in a week or two.

Then, commuters will go back to fighting each other for rush-hour seats on buses and trains, and Staff Writer Christopher Maag will continue to completely ignore them.

Veto crazy

Meanwhile, Christie has executed more than 500 vetoes and cut transit subsidies, causing far more damage to New Jersey residents than a temporary halt in road and rail projects.

Yet, Editor Deirdre Sykes continues to cover his every word, burp and fart on the front page, especially when he stumps for wacko racist Donald J. Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee (A-1).

The Record is the only major daily in the state that declined to call for Christie's resignation when he first endorsed Trump.

The A-1 story on housing -- next to the Christie-Trump campaign appearance -- reports the governor also has refused to enforce the state's existing affordable housing laws.

An advocate is quoted as saying the laws don't just benefit low- and moderate-income families -- which opponents take to mean minorities -- but also help disabled and elderly residents.

Local news?

Sykes continues to rely on court and other Law & Order news to fill her Local section (L-1 and L-3).

On L-2, a story on downtown Englewood seems to be saying officials aren't alarmed by a recent survey that found 27 store vacancies, because that is less than "a similar survey three years ago ... that there were 30 vacant storefronts."

So, I guess readers can conclude city economic development officials have done little or nothing about vacant storefronts for three years.

Staff Writer Matthew McGrath is mistaken when he reports Palisade Avenue has "four traffic lanes."

There are only two lanes each way between the monument and Grand Avenue/Engle Street, part of the reason traffic in the small city is horrendous.

Not just typos

Friday's edition of the weekly Hackensack Chronicle -- one of the papers the Gannett Co. bought from North Jersey Media Group -- contained typos in two headlines:

On Page 2, a headline said:

"Dinosaur exhibit set
for more to Teaneck"

The story was from Todd South of The Record, and he made clear the word in the headline should have been "move," not "more."

On Page 8 of the weekly, another headline said:

"Work is delayed on
Hackensack ats center"

The story from Staff Writer John Seasly of The Record was about the city's Performing Arts Center, not "ats center."

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