Friday, October 2, 2015

Christie's reputation as worst governor sealed by Sandy

This sculpture in the lobby of the Johnson Public Library in Hackensack was presented on the library's 100th anniversary.


Wait a minute.

Didn't the prolonged, bungled recovery from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 help seal Chris Christie's reputation as the worst New Jersey governor ever?

Well, that doesn't stop Staff Writer Charles Stile, who is back on Page 1 of The Record today with his signature B.S. about the governor as "a politics-be-damned crisis commander."

Not until his last few paragraphs does Stile acknowledge how the Christie administration blew it in the aftermath of the monster storm (A-4).

The veteran reporter still hasn't learned what every reader knows: You can't polish a turd.

Most readers went to bed on Thursday night with assurances from TV news that Hurricane Joaquin won't score a direct hit on New Jersey.

So, it's hard to understand why Editor Martin Gottlieb devotes close to half of the front page in an attempt to burnish Christie's image on the presidential campaign trail.


The millions of dollars in payments, fees and bonuses to A&P executives is especially outrageous given the low reputation of the supermarkets themselves (A-1).

ShopRite is the dominant chain for many reasons, and shoppers are ecstatic some A&Ps will be replaced by the low-price leader in North Jersey.

The gunman who invaded a rural Oregon community college and killed at least nine people could have shot dead 90 or 900 for all the difference that will make in politicians passing laws to deny guns to mentally unstable people (A-1).

21-mile drive

What are the chances I'll drive 21 miles to Piermont, N.Y., from Hackensack to try 14 & Hudson, which Elisa Ung raves about today, awarding 3 stars out of 4 (BL-16)?

Slim to no chance. How about a good restaurant closer to the majority of readers in central Bergen County?

The salmon entree Ung recommends sounds great, but she doesn't say whether the fish is wild or farmed ($25).

She describes a "center-cut fillet of salmon," which I've never heard of. All parts of the fillet are equally delicious.

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