Friday, March 7, 2014

City Council spokesman is ripping off Hackensack

Another cluster of annoying potholes at Prospect and Euclid avenues in Hackensack.


The most shocking story in The Record today is buried in the Local section, and it took its lead from the Hackensack Scoop blog.

The blog reported that Bergen County pays Hackensack spokesman Thom Ammirato $35,000 a year as a "public participation specialist" -- a potential conflict of interest (L-3).

Ammirato, a former GOP consultant, is paid an outrageous $78,000 a year for his public relations services to Hackensack. 

He holds the same job in North Arlington, where he is paid $21,600 a year.

Ammirato was the campaign manager who guided Citizens for Change to a sweep of the City Council election last May.

His selection as city spokesman raised the same questions of favoritism and cronyism that hounded the Zisa family, which ruled Hackensack for decades. 


  1. Sounds like Citizens for Change was about citizens changing the favorites and the cronies. Jersey politics at its finest.


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