Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bridgegate probe moves one step closer to Christie

An Armed Forces Career Center, representing all of the services, has moved into the space on Main Street in Hackensack once occupied by Prozys Army-Navy Store. The space has been empty since Limon Fine Food Market Place closed in 2010.


Newly released e-mails and text messages show Governor Christie's campaign manager knew about the cover story for George Washington Bridge lane closures in Fort Lee as they were happening in early September, The Record reports today.

Christie fired Bill Stepien, his campaign strategist, and Bridget Anne Kelly, his deputy chief of staff, who sent the infamous e-mail to the governor's crony on the Port Authority, which runs the bridge:

"Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."

The e-mails and messages bring the state Legislature's investigation one step closer to the GOP bully, who claims he was lied to by his inner circle during the political-retribution scandal now known as Bridgegate (A-1).

The Record's front pages today and Monday carry too much international news -- on Crimea and the missing Malaysian passenger jet -- for a local daily newspaper in North Jersey.

Tin men

On the first Business page today, the obituary for William "Wild Bill" Perretti recalls a North Jersey auto dealer who gave a bad name to the industry.

The Record's own investigation, by Bruce Locklin, found "a pattern of bait-and-switch ads, misrepresented prices and finance terms, and other deceptive practices" (L-8).

In Local, Deputy Assignment Editor Dan Sforza manages to top previous accident photos that showed car doors had been removed to free victims.

Today, a vehicle involved in a Route 17 collision is shown with its roof peeled back like the top of a sardine can, but as usual, the caption is completely devoid of any real information (L-2). 

Sforza also needed a long Dean's List (L-2) and a truck crash photo (L-3) to fill out the thin local-news report.

Sloppy editing

The high level of editing continues.

A story on Monday's L-5 reported a section of Van Houten Street in Paterson had been renamed in recognition of the city's Bangladeshi community.

In the first paragraph, the street's original name is given as "Van Housten Street."

In Friday's Hackensack Chronicle, another North Jersey Media Group publication, the caption under a large photo of a man climbing over a snowbank in Hackensack said it was taken on "Main Avenue."

In (201) magazine's March 2014 issue, a community profile of Wyckoff lists a farm, a market and restaurants, but omits any mention of the Goffle Road Poultry Farm, which has been raising and selling antibiotic-free birds since 1948 (Page 44). 


  1. And the latest issue of 201 Magazine has corrections for six Best of Bergen items in the previous issue

    1. That's correct. Thanks for mentioning that. Nearly every issue corrects several errors in the previous issue. Keep in mind (201) is Stephen Borg's pet project.


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