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Doblin's highly partisan commentary

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Even if you don't read Alfred P. Doblin's columns on the OpEd page -- such as the one that appears today on Page A-13  -- you're probably reading one of his unsigned editorials or other editorials he has reviewed, edited and approved in his role as editor of The Record's Editorial Page.

Doblin is the former Hackensack daily's first Editorial Page editor who both expresses the newspaper's official position in editorials and writes highly partisan columns. 

And there's the rub. His columns' clear bias in favor of almost everything Governor Christie has done since the Republican took office a year ago is damaging the credibility of the paper's editorials.

Doblin came to The Record from its sister paper, the Herald News. Editorial writers at the flagship paper were passed over when he was appointed to replace Dick Benfield, who retired. He is a fastidious little man with an apparently small brain.

He loves movies and Broadway shows, and often compares events to them. His often juvenile prose employs a lot of gimmicks and plays on words. Take a look at the headline over his column, which runs on the Editorial Page in a small Monday paper:

Fear-mongering makes for bipartisan blend of tea

I have no idea what that means, a problem even if he didn't write it himself.

In today's column, Doblin attacks Democratic State Committee Chairman John Wisniewski, also an assemblyman, for saying Christie launched an "assault" on seniors in his call last week for raising the retirement age and cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. 

Well, isn't it an assault on older Americans? Doblin prefers to call the speech to a conservative think tank in Washington "a large dose of leadership," because Christie supposedly has the political courage no other Republican or Democrat has to push for cuts in these programs. 

Of course, Doblin never mentions that Christie has no political courage when it comes to finding new sources of revenue the state needs to climb out of its deep financial hole -- such as the millionaires tax and a few pennies added to the low gasoline tax.

And is there any real validity to Doblin's comparison of Wisniewski's statement to Sarah Palin's "fear-mongering"? Don't insult my intelligence with a stupid gimmick.

Don't you love how Doblin and his ilk invariably use the word "reform" to mask big cuts in government programs that are working and helping middle- and working-class retirees? And as a recent letter to the editor noted, all of us contribute to Social Security during our working lives, so hands off, please. 

Just above Doblin's column today, he speaks in his "other voice" -- an editorial opposing Christie's use of toll hikes to rescue the nearly bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund.

More ass slapping

The jock itching, ass slapping, jock-strap waving and male bonding roared back at the news meeting where Editor Francis Scandale ordered a large photo of spring baseball training on Page 1 today.

The front page usually carries a preview of Christie's budget speech, which is set for Tuesday, but why should Scandale care whether the governor is going to continue his assault on middle- and working-class programs, as he did to balance the current budget?

Scandale continues to fiddle while New Jersey burns -- residents watch in disbelief as the rich and powerful attack their public employee unions, end their property tax rebates, cut programs for low-income women and children, and shake their way of life the core.

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  1. I didn't read the column, but I would venture a guess that the "bipartisan blend of tea" is an oblique reference to both Democratic and Rpublican tea party idologues working in tandem to screw the middle class. Personally, I think the headline doesn't quite work, I would prefer something a bit more forthright, like "A bitter bipartisan blend of tea."

  2. Victor, you constantly refer to men slapping each others' asses. Are you gay?

  3. It's a reference to how athletes are always slapping each others asses, and I'm saying Scandale and the other editors are bonding over sports coverage, especially on Page 1, where I don't think it belongs.

    No.I am not gay. Are you dense?

  4. Vic, it's a pretty tired expression that is embarrassing to read.

  5. I think Eye On The Record is tired and embarrassing to read but I keep coming back.

  6. Well, I welcome your suggestions on how to make Eye on The Record "new."

    The paper keeps on making the same mistakes, not surprising with editors who have been there a decade or more, and who seem to spend their whole working day in the office.

  7. Vic, even if sports doesn't belong on A-1 (agree with you there) the Record's sports department is strong. You concur with that?

  8. Yes. I have heard great things about the sports department at the paper, and it's sad to see the news department doing such a poor job in its shadow.

    The only complaint I have about the sports department is poor coverage of motor racing, especially of Formula 1.


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