Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do shield laws protect bloggers?

Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, seat of the...Image via Wikipedia
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton.

The New Jersey Supreme Court has heard oral arguments on whether a blogger is protected by the same shield laws afforded journalists. Here is a link to the story and related stories on NJ.com:

Do shield laws protect bloggers?

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  1. Bruce Rosen attorney for NJMG/Borg family argues a case about Pornography in court in Trenton while NJMG Chairman Malcom A Borg fights his own Pornography Case at the Bergen County Courthouse.
    What do you think of this Mr.Sasson?
    Who will win these cases?

  2. The Borgs don't like to settle, but I'd think they would have to in the latter case or risk having everything aired in open court.

    I know nothing about the former case.

  3. The Borgs have loss cases before. Back in 2001, Jennifer when VP of Human resources was dating a nice looking pressman. Her father freaked out and fired him. The funny part Jenifer bought him a brand new ford explorer to keep his mouth shut...He got a lawyer, well a few ,because the Borgs intimidated or tried to cut deals. But one law firm finally did something about it. The attorneys made several counts stick including sexual harassment..So they settled, but they have the cased sealed shut..He was a hard worker and was employed there for 15 years or so . She got laid, but he got screwed big time and it ruined him. The stories he tells about the Borgs are unbelievable..

  4. I heard about that relationship, and tried to find court papers, but was unsuccessful. I love this:

    "She got laid, but he got screwed big time...."

    Do you think that's typical of people who deal with the Borgs?


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