Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Once again, Governor Veto is the cause of gridlock in N.J.

Trumpisms are not-so-thinly veiled racism. President Obama spoke for millions of Americans today when he said GOP nominee Donald J. Trump is unfit to serve as president.


You haven't seen it in The Record, but Governor Christie's 500-plus vetoes are once again at the root of gridlock in the state Legislature.

That's the subtext of today's lead story on Page 1:

Pension ballot 
measure stalled
by transportation 
fund dispute

Editor Deirdre Sykes once again wastes precious space by running a news story and a political column on the impasse, and both reporters quote the same people and cite the same events (A-1 and A-6).

What's the point of that duplication?

Gasoline tax

Staff Writer Dustin Racioppi reports Senate President Steve Sweeney wants to round up a veto-proof majority on a bill to raise the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon to replenish the transportation fund.

Governor Veto (err Christie) has called the measure "dead on arrival," just as he's done so many times before on bills to raise the minimum wage, tighten gun controls, raise taxes on millionaires and so forth -- more than 500 times since early 2010.

Line monitor

Are lines outside the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Lodi really front-page news (A-1)?

If anyone is stuck in the "slow lane," it's Staff Writer John Cichowski, who has been banging out the Road Warrior column for nearly 13 years -- to the consternation of bored readers.

Cichowski has ignored mounting traffic congestion, a broken mass-transit system and less enforcement of speeding laws on state highways to gnash his teeth over MVC lines, potholes and other slow-lane issues.

Trump backlash

The last major element on A-1 today is the growing backlash against GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump in his feud with a Muslim-American couple who lost their son, an Army captain, to a suicide bomber in Iraq in 2004 (A-1).

An editorial calls "disgraceful" how the wacko racist has treated Khizr and Ghazala Khan (A-8).

'Don't support Trump'

Writing in The Huffington Post, Paramus lawyer Thomas M. Wells recalls Trump once hired him as his attorney on a planned shopping mall called Trump Centre.

Now, Wells says, "bullies will always exist somewhere, but the White House shouldn't be that somewhere."

The No. 1 reason Wells cites for Trump's unsuitability as president: "The man lies all the time."

See: Please don't support Trump for president

Local news?

Police and court news continue to dominate The Record's local-news section.

An L-1 story about a 9-year-old boy who died days after he was pulled out of  pool at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly doesn't say whether a lifeguard was on duty.

Instead of that boring political column on A-1 today, Sykes could have published some good news from Paterson for a change -- the story of filmmaker Randy Jackson, who gave up his life as a drug seller and pimp.

His short film, part of a series called "The Bottum," will be shown Thursday night at a downtown multiplex (L-3).

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