Friday, May 6, 2016

Wacko Trump labeled a racist by everyone but news media

Hackensack officials have agreed to store artifacts and other items from the New Jersey Naval Museum until the USS Ling is relocated. Now, the museum's artifacts are displayed on North Jersey Media Group property at the old River Street headquarters of The Record, where the World War II sub is tied up.

The gangway to the submarine, and other artifacts. The museum is closed and tours of the sub are suspended. The Ling is stuck in the mud of the Hackensack River.


On the campaign trail, Donald Trump's tirades against Mexicans and Muslims made it clear the billionaire was just another white racist.

Yet, the news media likes to say Trump represents millions of "angry white men."

Of course, we know his supporters are racists who blame their problems on hard-working immigrants instead of the greedy corporations who have sent millions of their jobs overseas. 

Why have the news media -- including The Record of Woodland Park -- generally avoided calling him a racist even as Hispanic cooks in Manhattan's best restaurants are spitting in his food? 

'Novice' or racist?

On Wednesday's front page, the first paragraph of an Associated Press story identified Trump as a "political novice," and that was echoed Thursday night on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. 

A Record editorial on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee ran down in great detail his insults to Mexicans, and his pledges to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and ban all Muslims from entering the country ("GOP at the abyss" on Thursday's A-12).

Editor or hack?

But Editorial Page Editor Alfred P. Doblin never calls Trump what everyone else knows he is -- a racist and white supremacist.

Even in his opinion column on A-13 today, Doblin refuses to label Trump a racist for his Cinco de Mayo posts on Twitter and Facebook.

A news story today reports the Latino Victory Fund released a statement that said:

"Donald Trump is doubling down on his racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino and anti-Mexican rhetoric."

But hacks at The Associated Press made sure to undercut the validity of that statement by describing the Latino fund as "a left-leaning political group" (A-4).

Donald Trump with big sister Maryanne Trump Barry, a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. She was nominated as a federal district judge in Newark by President Reagen in 1983, and appointed to the appeals court in 1999 by President Clinton.

Media made Trump

Much of Trump's support is rooted in the slavish media reporting every one of his hateful words in a presidential campaign we grew tired of months ago.

The editors of The Record only seem interested in stirring up controversy, not exploring issues and reporting on what would be good for New Jersey and the nation.

In covering Governor Christie since he took office in early 2010, editors and columnists have focused relentlessly on politics -- instead of issues and policies.

So, it's no surprise The Record remains the only major New Jersey daily that hasn't called on Christie to resign after he dropped out of the race and threw his support to Trump.

Today's paper

On the last workday of one of the dreariest weeks in memory, Editor Deirdre Sykes finally produces a Page 1 weather story (A-1).

And why is "vaping" dominating the front page instead of an environmental story on New York City imposing a 5-cent charge for using a disposable plastic grocery bag -- a fee that New Jersey certainly could use (A-3)?

Senior citizens

On the Local front today, Staff Writer Colleen Diskin has a rare report on senior citizens who aren't institutionalized (L-1).

Sykes and other newsroom staffers have been treating seniors like shit for decades -- stories on autism have been far more numerous than those on Alzheimer's disease.

Road Warrior John Cichowski continues to ignore the challenges facing older drivers like himself -- even as "pedal confusion" leads them to plow into pedestrians and storefronts, often with fatal consequences.

And the food editors promote mystery meat and artery clogging desserts as if they expect their older readers to live forever.

Hackensack news?

Staff Writer John Seasly covered Tuesday night's meeting of the Hackensack City Council, but wrote only one story -- yet another report on who is leading the Police Department.

Seasly didn't mention the council approved a resolution to store artifacts from the New Jersey Naval Museum until the USS Ling is relocated from North Jersey Media Group property at the old headquarters of The Record in Hackensack.

The Record hasn't reported whether the newspaper's owners, the Borg family, will pay for the relocation of the World War II submarine, which is stuck in the mud of the Hackensack River.

The Borgs, NJMG and The Record abandoned Hackensack in 2009 after prospering there for more than 110 years -- dealing a death blow to many Main Street merchants.

Now, with the blessing of the City Council, the Borgs plan to sell their 19.7 acres aong River Street to an apartment developer, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Lead in fountains

Saddle Brook is the latest district to turn off school drinking fountains where "unacceptably high levels of lead" were found (L-6).

Hackensack residents haven't seen a similar story reporting on lead levels in drinking fountains used by their children in what is the biggest school district in Bergen County. 

Mystery BBQ

Staff Writer Elisa Ung raves about a glazed doughnut stuffed with barbecued beef, bacon and cheese, but doesn't tell readers whether the meat is the cheap, low-quality stuff of unknown origin usually found in Korean restaurants.

Her 3-star Informal Dining review of Kimchi Smoke BBQ Shack in Bergenfield is long on mindless promotion and short on the information readers need to stay healthy (BL-16). 


  1. I don't know about you Victor. You are a tough audience. I like Alfred Doblin. I like his grandfather too who was a very good German Jewish novelist. I think it's great that Junior is a journalist. In his Trump article he makes reference to his father and grandfather and all but calls Trump a fascist. Why are you holding Doblin to the Trump/Cruz standard of saying outright a polemical label when we all know what he is?

    1. As a journalist and especially as an opinion columnist, he should speak plainly, not rely on readers to parse each sentence for deeper meaning.

      In his column on Friday, he wrote: "No, no, Trump is not Hitler. But you know there was a moment in time when Hitler wasn't Hitler and Mussolini wasn't Mussolini."

      Look, I don't have time for an opinion columnist who is going to hem and haw. I don't have time to read deep into a column to find out what is on the mind of an opinion columnist.

      I also have a problem with Doblin being the first editorial page editor of The Record who also writes an opinion column. Do his opinions agree with the paper's editorial policy? Are there conflicts between the two? Readers shouldn't have to figure that out.

      In the past, Doblin has relied too much on Hollywood movies, Broadway shows and the Great American Songbook in commenting on Governor Christie's policies, Congress and President Obama.

      Doblin is the only editorial page editor at a major state daily who didn't call for Christie's resignation for throwing his support to Trump. He not only never explained that; The Record never reported that the Star-Ledger and six other dailies did call for Christie to leave office.

      What kind of dishonest journalism is that?

  2. It is clear to me that you have personal reasons for being hypercritical of Doblin and the Record. I have no idea about your history with them. Your argument for his and the paper's deficiencies is too much "inside baseball" for me. I think your critique of his use of popular culture is off base too. Oftentimes meaning is encoded in mass cultural products. Mass communication just broadcasts it. But that isn't your cup of gasoline, right? Your reasons for going after him for not calling for Christie's resignation is weak tea. I'm no fan of the governor, but there are plenty of other reasons to call for his resignation. I see his take as a difference of opinion (something he is paid to do) not dishonest journalism.

    1. OK, thanks. I hardly ever dealt with him when I was at the paper. Then and now from what I understand he remained aloof and was something of a peacock.


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