Monday, April 4, 2016

Reader: D.C. columnist doesn't know his ass from his elbow

Amid April's gloomy weather, there are sure signs of spring in Hackensack, including colorful blossoms, above, and lawn signs for the April 19 school election, below.

Nine candidates are vying for three seats on the Hackensack Board of Education, which is controlled by the same political machine that ruled the city for decades before a reform slate was elected to the City Council in May 2013. Those reformers are backing Lawrence E. Eisen, Lancelot Powell and Victor E. Sasson in the school election. Residents also have a chance to vote "yes" or "no" on a $104 million budget approved by the board.


A reader of The Record who works in Hackensack had the same reaction I did to today's front-page column from Herb Jackson.

Jackson, the paper's so-called Washington correspondent, claims that if Donald Trump is the Republican Party's presidential nominee in November, he could beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in New Jersey (A-1).

I got this email:

"Victor -- Did you read Herb Jackson's column or piece today about how he thinks that Trump could be competitive in New Jersey?
"Where is this guy coming from?
"He clearly does not know his ass from his elbow about New Jersey. 
"Trump will get destroyed here. 
"In fact, I do not know if in a race with Clinton he would even get a majority of the Republic legislators to vote for him.  
"Jackson knows nothing -- he does not mention the following:
 1.  New Jersey has a sizable Latino vote -- Trump will get crushed there.
2. The black vote is over 10% -- he will get destroyed there.
3.  There is a significant ... Muslim population -- he will get killed there.
4.  He will get killed among suburban women, many of whom are Republicans in Bergen, Morris, Somerset, Union and Monmouth counties.
5.  He will get crushed among single women, many of whom live in Hoboken and the Philly suburbs. In fact, where will he get his votes from?
"Maybe Sussex and Warren counties and perhaps Cape May, but that is about it.
"Any fool can see this."

But not Jackson, so you have to wonder why his drivel about racist Trump is on Page 1.


  1. Hey, did you see that lawn sign in your blog? Seems a Sasson is running for something. Are you related?

  2. I was googling Mr. Modesto Romero's name and found a matching name on a website that listed a Modesto Romero as the Hackensack Town Chair for The Cruz for President New Jersey Leadership Team.

    I have seen reports describing Mr. Romero as a Democratic activist but I am interested in knowing if anyone else has looked into whether a candidate for the the Hackensack School Board has any connection to a republican nominee for president. The coincidences in name, state and town just seem to be to many.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Frank. Modesto Romero is one of six candidates backed by the political machine that ruled Hackensack for decades and ran the city into the ground.


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