Monday, November 9, 2015

Officials certify election of Keeling-Geddis in Hackensack

Tuesday is the deadline for payment of 4th-quarter property taxes in Hackensack.


Teacher's assistant Deborah Keeling-Geddis may take her seat on the Hackensack City Council as soon as Tuesday night.

Bergen County election officials certified 41 of 69 provisional ballots tonight, confirming the election of Keeling-Geddis to the unexpired term.

She will replace businessman Jason W. Some, who was appointed to the seat in April after the resignation of Councilman Rose Greenman.

Including mail-in ballots, Keeling-Geddis had 803 votes in last Tuesday's non-partisan election.

Some had 774 votes, school board President Jason S. Nunnermacker got 746 votes; and Richard L. Cerbo, son of a former mayor, trailed with 261 votes.

Tonight, Keeling-Geddis gained 16 votes from provisional or paper ballots, Nunnermacker had 10 more votes, Some also gained 10 and Cerbo received 5 more votes.

A provisional ballot is used to cast a vote when there are questions about a voter's eligibility.

The council is scheduled to meet at 6:30 Tuesday night on the 3rd Floor of City Hall on Central Avenue.

Keeling-Geddis is the second African-American elected to the governing body. 

Her seat will be contested again in the May 2017 municipal election.

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