Sunday, April 12, 2015

A sidelined Christie would be no loss to N.J. or the U.S.

A NY Waterway ferry returning to its Weehawken terminal from Manhattan with only a few passengers during rush hour on April 1.


The Record's front-page story today on the mounting cost of protecting Governor Christie when he travels out of state cites no active threats (A-1).

So, why did taxpayers spend $1.2 million to protect the GOP bully last year, and from whom?

Is Christie afraid a resident still living in a tent after losing his home to Superstorm Sandy is plotting to take him out?

Or, is he looking over his shoulder for state employees angry over his refusal to fully fund their pension system?

Given his eating habits, it's more likely the would-be president will be sidelined by salmonella, and it would be no great loss for New Jersey or the nation.

Ferriero jury

The timing of today's lead story on attorney Joseph Ferriero, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli and a doctor who "was allowed to sidestep prosecution" on groping charges is unusual.

This week, a federal jury in Newark will resume deliberations on corruption charges against Ferriero, once the powerful head of the Bergen County Democratic Party.

The story by Jean Rimbach reports Ferriero received almost $500,000 -- far more than previously thought -- to help the case of Teaneck dermatologist Gangaram Ragi (A-1).

Could Ferriero's defense attorney seek a mistrial, citing the Page 1 story?

Local news?

Does Road Warrior John Cichowski really expect shoppers to use the train to get to the Walmart opening soon in Teterboro and then schlep their packages home on mass transit (L-1)?

This from the columnist who spends 99% of his time promoting driving.

In recent years, the huge number of errors in Cichowski's columns testify to the near total absence of editing and fact-checking on The Record's copy desk.

In 2008, copy desk co-supervisor Nancy Cherry left the paper, creating a void in the enforcement of high standards of accuracy and headline writing that was never filled.

Under six-figure Production Editor Liz Houlton, supervisor of the copy and news desks, the decline has only accelerated.

Raw deal

Restaurant critic Elisa Ung's column on omakase, a chef's selection of raw fish, omits respected Japanese restaurants in Fort Lee and Edgewater (BL-1).

Is it possible that only one hotel meets the high standards of Travel Editor Jill Schensul ("Hotel peeves" on T-1).

Or is her cover story today an elaborate advertisement for Hotel Le Marais in New Orleans, the only one mentioned by name (T-3)?

I also found it strange that Schensul isn't peeved by the high cost of hotel rooms. Not one price appears in the article.


  1. The first thing I thought of when perusing the road warrior column was exactly what you said-who is going to be carrying 40 inch flat scree TV's home with them on a train from WalMart? Maybe the workers can use mass transit. I foresee problems with increased traffic on Rt. 46 as well a jaywalkers crossing the highway to get to the shopping center. maybe Mr. Warrior can address those issues.

    1. Thanks. The continued presence of the fence is reason enough to write the column. True, Walmart workers can't afford to own cars and pay auto insurance, but most will likely take the bus there. The train costs more.


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