Monday, March 30, 2015

Union prosecutor to review Hackensack pedestrian death

Hue D. Dang, 64, of Hackensack was walking in or near this Jackson Avenue crosswalk on March 9, when she was struck and fatally injured by an unmarked car driven by John C. Straniero, a detective sergeant in the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office. Hackensack police investigated, but brought no charges against him in her death.


The state Attorney General's Office has directed the Union County prosecutor to review a March 9 pedestrian fatality in Hackensack that saw no charges being filed against the driver, a detective in the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office.

Hue D. Dang, 64, a Vietnamese-American woman who lived a few blocks away on Hudson Street, was struck by an unmarked car as she crossed Jackson Avenue at Kennedy Street, carrying plastic grocery bags.

She was pronounced dead at Hackensack University Medical Center less than an hour after the 4:45 p.m. accident.

Hackensack police were quoted in The Record on March 11 as saying they didn't know where Dang was "standing" when she was hit and knocked to the ground by Detective Sgt. John C. Straniero, 49, of Wayne.

Eye on The Record asked the state police and state Attorney General's Office to look into the Hackensack investigation. 

Today, Regina Garb of Citizens Services and Relations in the Attorney General's Office said the matter has been referred to the Union County Prosecutor's Office, which has a fatal accident unit.

Today's paper

International stories dominate The Record's front page today, including one aimed at the thousands of Yemenites living in North Jersey (A-1).

Columnist Mike Kelly turns his shit-eating grin to "another fugitive," ignoring the thousands of Americans who have started traveling to the Caribbean's biggest island and enjoying Cuban music and food (A-1).

A big photo on Page 1 memorializes the 150 passengers aboard a doomed Germanwings jet, proving once again how budget travel can come back to bite you (A-1).

You know the newsroom is being run by the man who once edited the international edition of The New York Times when you find a North Jersey environmental story at the bottom of A-1 today.

Wake up, Marty! 

Editor Martin Gottlieb apparently didn't think a highly respected 92-year-old municipal judge is front-page news in a local newspaper (L-1).

Judge Richard Greenhalgh is retiring Tuesday after a remarkable 48 years on the bench in River Vale. 

Staff Writer Nicholas Pugliese doesn't explain how Greenhalgh escaped mandatory retirement ages so common in other jobs, including Superior Court.

For readers, Greenhalgh is refreshing -- unlike all those seniors The Record reports on from nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospices.

Or, all of those confused drivers who are constantly crashing their cars into storefronts and being ridiculed in filler photos ordered by local Assignment Editors Deirdre Sykes and Dan Sforza. 

And the judge is lucky he didn't go work for a company like North Jersey Media Group, which doesn't prize older employees.

More and more, readers have to conclude that Gottlieb's news judgment as editor of a North Jersey newspaper just sucks.

Wake up, Marty! You're not in Paris anymore.

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