Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christie: Send immigrants back to their own countries

Recalling poor street plowing in past winters, Hackensack residents were thankful for the light snowfall on Tuesday, but they questioned the superintendent's decision to close schools at 12:30 p.m.


The first major initiative of Governor Christie's second term will be to deport all of the immigrants living in New Jersey, one of the most diverse in the nation.

The GOP bully will make the announcement on Jan. 21 during his inaugural speech on Ellis Island, though there is no mention of that in today's Page 1 story in The Record.

The only immigrants Christie feels comfortable with are educated and wealthy, such as the Latino judge he nominated to the state Supreme Court or the Asian Indian he has put forward to replace Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli.

Eye on The Record isn't going to repeat the ethnic slur Christie uses to refer to Molinelli, a Democrat whose ancestors emigrated from Italy.

Christie made clear how he feels about working- class immigrants when he vetoed a modest increase in the minimum wage, but angry voters granted the hike by approving a constitutional amendment on Nov. 5.


  1. All illegal immigrants should be kicked the hell out of the country

  2. Not illegal. I put myself through college and grad school myself and made every bit of my wealth on my own. Retired to a very nice community with very very few, if any wetbacks.

  3. And with all that education and success, you are still a moron and a racist. LOL.

  4. Which I can well afford to be; also with LOTS of company here in beautiful northern Bergen.

  5. Holy crap! For once, Victor, I totally agree with your evaluation of a commenter as a moron.

    1. Thanks. That anonymous roach has been haunting the blog for a couple of years, and loves to throw around racial slurs. He's Nazi-like.


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