Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Teaneck Municipal Building

The front page of  The Record of Woodland Park today has a lead story on gay marriage, another on school funding and a large photo of  a racist and anti-Semite smoking a victory cigar after a mistrial. Why is this story on Page 1? Is it because over-the-hill Record reporter Mike Kelly was assigned to cover the trial in the city?

On Page A-2, a correction only serves to remind readers about the huge coverage of three families in far off Ringwood on the front page yesterday.

What's wrong with these pictures? More unusually large photos in the Local section tell you the lazy, incompetent editors failed for yet another day to assign any education, development or municipal stories about Hackensack and Teaneck, two of the premier towns in the paper's circulation area. (That's Teaneck Townhip Hall in the photo.)

On the front of Local, there are two photos of  a non-fatal truck accident taking up about half the page and inside, a third of the page is devoted to a photo of a vigil for drunken driving victims. When layout editors have to run photos this big, it means they were screwed by the Assignment Desk, run by Deirdre "Laughs A Lot" Sykes.

Also on the front, Englewood reporter Giovanna Fabiano has her fifth story since Oct. 30 about the teachers contract, but she has written nothing about how educators there propose to integrate elementary and middle schools. Of course, Publisher Stephen A. Borg didn't wait around for the solution, moving his family to Tenafly so his children wouldn't have to rub shoulders with blacks and Hispanics in Englewood, where he grew up in a Mac Daddy's East Hill mansion (smaller than the one young Stephen lives in now). Yet his wife Monica is Mexican.

Inside Local, Star-Ledger reporters filed two long Morris County fillers -- on an effort to save Greystone Park Psychiatirc Hospital and a pot trial. These stories would keep out Bergen County news, but there weren't enough Bergen County stories reported and written by Record reporters.

In Better Living, the pudgy, goy food editor, Bill Pitcher, has the nerve to highlight a wire service recipe for latkes made with butternut squash. That's food blasphemy.

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