Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Record v. 'Eye on The Record'

Iwo Jima Statue, Inspired by Pulitzer Prize Ph...

A lawyer for North Jersey Media Group, which publishes The Record, has asked me to remove the 9/11 flag-raising photo I used in an earlier post, "Major detour on the road to a Pulitzer Prize," claiming the photo is copyrighted. Isn't that rich?

The editors of The Record thought so little of this dramatic image on the day of the suicide attacks -- even though it was taken by their own photographer, Thomas E. Franklin -- they relegated it to a back page, a huge error of  judgment that probably doomed Franklin's chance of winning a Pulitzer Prize.

In any case, I have substituted a photo of the World Trade Center in the post.

Dina Sforza, the NJMG lawyer, also contacted my lawyer, Joshua L. "Josh" Weiner in Morristown, and threatened to file a lawsuit unless I take down this blog.


  1. She threatened to sue you if you don't take down the blog? Well, isn't that interesting. Your blog is great. She recently fired a reporter who wrote about bullying after the bullies threatened to sue the newspaper if they didn't retract their statements. Guess these media moguls really know nothing about the First Amendment or freedom of the speech?

  2. Which reporter? Can you name him or her?

  3. Of course, NJMG attorney Dina Sforza takes her orders from Jennifer A. Borg, vice president and general counsel.

    But Sforza wasn't up to the task of defending the company against my age-discrimination suit in 2009-10, and was replaced by a $400-an-hour lawyer from an outside firm.


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