Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Salt shortage is a great excuse for town DPWs

Around 9 this morning, a neighbor freeing his car from deep driveway snow on Euclid Avenue in Hackensack, above and below. Earlier, city plows came down the street, pushing snow toward the curb and blocking driveways.

On Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon, snow-covered branches were a delight to behold.

A doctor snared a prime, free parking space in front of his office on Fifth Avenue, near 86th Street, by putting an "on call" card on the dashboard of his expensive, gas-guzzling SUV.


New York City media are obsessed with snowstorms and snow clearing, and Mayor Bill de Blasio has been rated hundreds of times on the city's performance since he took office on Jan. 1.

But when a big storm hits North Jersey, Editor Marty Gottlieb of The Record and Deputy Assignment Editor Dan Sforza may not even be bothering to come into the newsroom.

And their equally lazy minions haven't bothered to question a single municipal official on whether they've made streets safe for drivers, pedestrians and bus riders. 

In the past two decades, local Departments of Public Works have done a pretty lousy job of plowing streets and clearing crosswalks and bus stops after big storms, and tens of thousands of home and business owners don't even clear their sidewalks.

Now, the Woodland Park daily reports on Page 1 today, those incompetent crews have the perfect excuse -- a shortage of road salt (A-1).

High taxes, low service

With snow and icy rain falling this morning, that story is the most riveting in the paper.

Oh, there is plenty of Bridgegate news, and localizing of the drug overdose that took the life of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (A-1).

But readers are left to curse under their breath and shake their heads at enormous property tax bills as they watch municipal workers struggle once again to clear streets after the latest storm.

Huge failure

Even before the disappointing Super Bowl contest on Sunday, many North Jersey officials and businesses saw through all the pro football hype delivered by The Record.

Today, the editors lead Local with the rescue of 16 children "from forced prostitution" and the arrest of 45 pimps and traffickers (L-1).

Of course,  the story appears under a tasteless, completely inappropriate headline, suggesting some of the copy editors may be closet sex perverts:

"Sex traffickers thrown for loss" 


  1. Mr. Sasson The Record Newspaper/NJMG owned by Malcolm A Borg,Sandra A Borg,Jennifer A Borg and Stephen A Borg sells advertisments in there family owned business titled Adult Services,Escorts,Telephone Services titled Hot Single Locals and Massages. Mr.Sasson are the Borgs Aiding and Abetting the Human Sex Trafficing Industry in NJ that the Governor and the Prosecutors office spoke publicly about on TV before the Super Bowl by advertising these types of services?
    Where are Newspapers ethics,guidelines and legal rights by being able to run such advertisments? Mr.Sasson if the Borgs have legal rights to print these ads what about Moral Rights? Have the Borgs ever attempted to have there staff of reporters investigate these ads that might involve minors? Or do they turn a blind eye to these ads Morally and Ethically cause they put thousands of dollars a year in there bank account? Mr. Sasson what can the public do to stop NJMG from advertising such ads for a better NJ? Thank You.

    1. You can try a letter to the editor exposing these practices, but I doubt it would be published. It's clear from ads such as the "end of obesity" ad that ran today that the Borgs are only interested in money, not the truth or morality of ads, to finance their lavish lifestyle and to ensure an endless supply of spoiled brats to run the paper.

      You can also stop reading the paper. You won't be missing much.

  2. I think letters to NJ State Goverment Officials and NJ Law Enforcement Agencies would be more appropriate. Plus getting the word out on Social Media.

    1. I don't think they are breaking any laws; they are just greedy and unprincipled.


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